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Originally Posted by kinjoking View Post
its basicly what i thought before, the glitch in the game is that it tries to to load too much at one time and causes a freeze, has nothing to do with a saved game. i waited around in a lobby and when someone joined me, i loaded it up, having the power of 2 consoles loading the level seemed to push it through over the network with no problem.
still cant get 100 combo, is this easier to get in co-op mode does any1 know??
ive rented this on ps3 - and im going to guess this issue wont rear its ugly head to to the size of the disc being bigger?

will say that it still has freexing issues though - indeed it froze my ps3 right at the start of the game when you run from death, but it happened only once and it was fine after for all of chapter 1. just going to do chapter 2 now.
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