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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Alien Breed 2: Assault Achievement Guide & Road-Map (+Spoilers)

This Guide is my First and was made Using re-edited tips & info By & Giving CREDIT to:
Todaysforgotten (Log level quantity*)
*The locations are worded as where I found them in the game.
Lc Moog for the indestructable solution.
JuSt BLaZe (Avatar Awards).
entity81 (Survivor Strategy/5 secrets* YouTube video's).
& cra (Re-Edited & up-dated Parts of his AB1 Guide).

There are also a collection of youtube video's for this game, visit they're web site if you get stuck as there are many spoilers.

-There are 12 achievements with a total of 200.
-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6
-Offline: 9(140)
-Online: 3(60)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: about 8-10h
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 2 (Logs & Secret collectibles)
-Glitched achievements: 3 "Super Sleuth, Praemonitus Praemunitus & The Best of the Best".
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome to Alien Breed 2: Assault.
This is the second episodes of the Trilogy(available from XBLMP/Trilogy disk).
This is a shooter played with duel analog sticks with an angled overhead third person view.
Overall the game is not really difficult.

Step#1: Elite/Rookie Playthrough
First thing you want to do is choosing whether to play on Rookie and hopefully get "Deadly Assassin, Cash is King, War of Attrition, Primed & Old Soldier" or fight your way through Elite to get "The Best of the Best" aswell.
Either way you will receive most of the singleplayer achievements, just be careful with collecting the Logs and secrets as some are missable and you have to start the level over if you miss one.

Step#2: Multiplayer Co-op
There are 3 Achievements to get in co-op "Rapid Deployment, Indestructible & Co-op Campaigner",
so find yourself a good buddy with whom you already played co-op in AB1 and/or other games or you can look in the "looking for Co-op thread".
Take your time and decide who loots as you can't trade items.
If you want to practice your skill in working together, either start a co-op mission or practice you skills in co-op survivor(note that you can't unlock the "Survivor" achievement in co-op).
Mission 1 is quite easy, but you could try to get "Rapid Deployment" on mission 3 during your first try.
Even if one of you goes down, you get to know the level and do better next time.

Step#3 Survivor Missions
There is a great Strategy that works by entity81.
Also "Deadly Assassin" can be unlocked here.
Although you can play survivor in co-op you can't unlock the Achievement as its for single player only.

Step#4: Mop up
At this point you either have to replay single player on Elite to get "The Best of the Best",
replay from memory or start again on Rookie for "Praemonitus Praemunitus" or try to get "Vital Statistics, Cash is King, Deadly Assassin & Super Sleuth" in Free play.
If you missed logs and don't have the level saved, you have to replay the campaign as you can't collect them in free play, however you don't have to collect all of them again.
You need only the ones you missed before.
Secrets however are collectable in Free play.

If you have any skill in duel stick shooters this will be quite an easy 200 to achieve especially if you've completed AB1 or played Zombie Apocalypse and the like.

Avatar Awards!
There are two usable Avatar awards.
Barnes's helmet = Kill 50 aliens**
Body armour t shirt (male) = Complete all single player levels 1-5
Body armour t shirt (female) = Complete all single player levels 1-5
**first 50 kills only, nothing to do with "Deadly Assassin" achievement.

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