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The Best of the Best25
Complete all single player levels 1-5 on Elite difficulty

If you completed the first game (Episode 1) and know what your up against, Good luck, otherwise I'd suggest playing on rookie to get to know the levels and the trigger points first.

*This achievement has not unlocked for some gamers, one reason could be is that if you play mixed level(s) offline/online in one playthrough it won't register as a whole comlpetion, if this happens for you try playing the level(s) again from memory saves or try Elite in free play, otherwise start a new game.

Old Soldier20
Complete all single player levels 1-5

Can be unlocked on Elite Difficulty.

War of Attrition20
Kill 1000 aliens in single player

Unmissable, you'll get this by or on level 3.
Also kills are stack-able if you complete the first level a few times, but I'm not sure if the kills from multiplayer carry over.

Vital Statistics25
Finish 'Primed' single player level with a score greater than 300,000

Best way to get this is by exploring every room to kill every alien in the level.
Note: Any damage you suffer is deducted from you overall score.

Find all secret collectibles

This Achievement has been unlocking at different times for some gamers, if you don't get the achievement on the fifth secret start a free play mission on Rookie to collect each of them again until it unlocks.

These secrets are distinctive as they are rotating TEAM17 logo's
There is one secret per level and they are as follows:

1. Ignition: (Spoiler)
This secret is located in a tunnel under the floor by the console that is used to call the platform to cross the water at the begining of the level.
To get it you must progress a littleway through the level to unblock the water flow, after the small room explodes you open a tunnel leading you to the next area, fix the valve to stop the Radiation vents with the cash & corpse on it, cross over & go up the slope where you'll find yourself in the room on the other side of the small room that exploded, there you will see a slope going down (not the one Conrad opened earlier) follow the tunnel up and turn right and the secret is at the end.
but make sure you get it before you set off the explosives (the slope Conrad opened earlier) to progress the level otherwise its unobtainable.
There is however a YouTube video by entity81 on how to get this secret.

2. Rendezvous: (Spoiler)
This secret is located in a locker room on the left just after you raise the middle Bridge(middle of the map).
To get it you must progress through the mission until you reach the reboot console in a room with two Sentry turrets, destroy the turrets, reboot the system and take care of the horde, then go through the double doors that's between the turrets and turn left where you will see two red Gas cylinders, shoot them to reveal a corridor with more red gas cylinders, keep shooting your way through to reach the secret in the locker room.
There is however a YouTube video by entity81 on how to get this secret.

3. Escort: (Spoiler)
This Secret is located in the Habitation control room with the spiky motor in the middle that you activate before you take the alternate route to get MIA, to get it you activate the Inspection arm power control console in the other corner of the room as you entered, then use the Inspection arm console by the motor to raise the platform it's on.
There is however a YouTube video by entity81 on how to get this secret.

4. Primed: (Spoiler)
This Secret is located in a tunnel behind the lift you start in, to get to it exit the lift and shoot the gas cylinders to progress through the single door that had electricity across it, then take care of the next room and go through the opposite door and to the scan room waypoint then retreat back to the previous room and go through double doors that was to the left with the power point the way is now unblocked so go around to the door to the tunnels, make you way through until you come to a single door to your left before/not by the next waypoint, enter the room and turn left and you will see a rocket launcher by the table and chairs shoot the glass to the right to get to it and a door will open up in the wall, go in the tunnel turn right and the secret is there.
There is however a YouTube video by entity81 on how to get this secret.

5. Corrupted: (Spoiler)
This Secret is located in the room with the 6 Big Rings that form a Tunnel with a walkway going through it, to get it cross the walkway to the other side to the double doors, but DO NOT GO THROUGH THE DOORS INTO THE NEXT ROOM otherwise its unobtainable, once there look to your left and you will see a lift, to activate it use the power console on the right, then use the lift to go down to the side walkway, it's at the end.
There is however a YouTube video by entity81 on how to get this secret.

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