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Praemonitus Praemunitus10
Collect all the logs throughout the game

The logs are as follows: (Spoilers)
You Start the game with 3/17 logs.
You can check by pressing then press for Logs.

Ignition = 7 logs.
1. MIA: You Start game with this Log.
2. CONRAD: You Start game with this Log.
3. Preface: You Start game with this Log.
4. Larval Blast: In the room behind the caterpillar fork truck where Conrad opens the first slope, you can get it after you get the breaker fuse to get the power on,
when you enter the room you get a cutscene, its visible to the left as you entered the room.
5. Mauler: Easy to get, go through the double doors by the slope pick up the key open the next double doors & its in front of you with the Generator console.
6. Healer: Further on in the level after you open the three flood gates you come to a room with a narrow corridor, it's in the opposite corner from the door you entered.
7. Octo-Morph: from the last log go through the narrow corridor to another room it's right of you as you enter.
#7/17 Logs.

Rendezvous = 5 logs.
8. Screamer: As you start the level walk up the corridor and around to the double doors, is on the left on top of a crate.
9. Stunner: After you raise the gantry in the green smoked Cargo room, it's between the larvae eggs by the exit.
10. Ranged: from last, go through the Scan room, go Right you'll see a body in the laser doorway shoot the turret and through the door behind on the left, it's on the other side of the room.
11. Boney Shield: From the same Scan room as last, go left up the corridor, in the first door on the right, it's on the left side of the engine.
12. Ens. Vance III, W. C.: After you clear the gas filled room with the green ring presure pad go in the next room with the egg's, it's in the first room by the Power Point, on the right of the lockers.
#12/17 Logs.

Escort = 1 Log.
13. Webber: After the Habitation control room, you have to take an alternate route to MIA's rendezvous point because an explosion, follow the way point to a room with an Intex save room in the corner, the Log is on the floor on the right as you enter the room(save room to the left).
#13/17 Logs.

Primed = 2 Logs.
14. Capt. Wentworth, D.: After you collect the commanders Head, you get to go through the security scan room that you couldn't at the begining of the level, you will see it on the floor to the right as you enter the room.
15. Arachno-Morph: After Arming the self-destruct and collecting the remote, you make your way to the monorail(next waypoint), it's in the middle of the room, make sure to pick it up before you get on the monorail(cutscene) otherwise its unobtainable, unless you exit the game and continue.
#15/17 Logs.

Corrupted = 2 Logs.
16. Klien, P.: This one is in the power control room in front of the lift at the start of the level, you will need the key-card by the elevator to get in, you will see it on the floor as you enter the power control room.
17. External Defense Systems (EDS) report.: To get the FINAL LOG you must progress through the level untill you reach a room with a Red Ring pressure pad in the middle on a raised section on the floor, as you enter turn right and go through the first door to the next room, follow the walk way to the lower floor and it's in front of you on the floor.
#17/17 Logs.

Deadly Assassin10
Kill 50 aliens in a row in single player without taking damage

Fairly easy one to get, especially for the experienced players of Alien breed ep1.
Can also be unlocked in the survivor strategy. see "survivor" for details

Cash is King10
Achieve a balance of 20000 credits or more

Best done on Rookie on Corrupted Mission in free play.
Don't buy anything from the intex shop unless you have to & use what you've got wisely & you'll get this in no time at all.

Stay alive for 8 minutes on any of the Survival mode single player levels

Here is a way to do it on Tribulation:
Exit the elevator & pickup every last weapon in the start room.
keep in mind when entering the doorway you want to have your assault rifle ready.
Entering the doorway will start the clock, so just run straight up & you'll run into the hyper blaster(ammo is 500) & pick up the other items around the room keep in mind they re-spawns there every wave,
or sometimes just a little bit before the next wave.
Note: You want to start using your hyper blaster around the 4min mark.
The 1st wave is just Larva sploders, melee will do fine until the 2nd wave.
Doing this can get you the "Deadly Assassin" Achievement while performing this strategy.

NOTE#2: This is going to be your defense position.
As soon as you enter the doorway make a right run till you come across two burning pipes,
stand in the middle of the pipes & wall & move your camera angle with the left RB to get a good view
now that's going to be your defense position.
The aliens will be mostly coming from the direction of the doorway you've entered & to your right of the pipe that's on fire will protect your flank so you can focus your fire mostly towards the doorway then grab what you can before the next wave.
(thanks to entity81 for this strategy)

Co-op Campaigner10
Complete any multiplayer level

Can be unlocked with "Indistructable & Rapid Deployment" Achievements.

Finish multiplayer level 'Cargo' without taking any damage

Quote:Lc Moog
One person essentially needs to tank & block all damage to the other person. First room stay at the back of elevator & the tank basically kills the waves. meleed the larvae & then grouped up the larger aliens with the assault rifle. Essentially, the person who is going for the no damage run has to use the hardened armours. There are 4 in the level but 3 are on the easy path to the elevator. The first one is clearly visible after the elevator. The 2nd is in the room just before the second bridge. The 3rd is in the 2nd shop & costs 2000 credits. To do this achievement you need to know the spawns as it helps a lot. Also the person going for the no damage should collect a large amount of stun grenades & save it for the final room as you wait for the elevator as this is probably the hardest part of the level due to the lack of ammo + large waves. This achievement is pretty aggravating so good luck!
Credit to Lc Moog for the locations and method.

Rapid Deployment10
Complete multiplayer level 'Cargo' in 10:00 or less

This Achievement should be the last one you get, if you did "Indestructable" with a friend you should both know the level very well & have no problem getting this.

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