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Originally Posted by II OE II View Post
i will try and do a more planned road map.

Though on the same note. It is rather hard to list a fully directed roadmap as you have options on where to explore and certain events happen under certain circumstances. Don't forget that you can always go to New Game+ or if its an easy achievement, build a new character.
Can you list the options for the more planned road map? All the event triggers? All the contradictory elements such as destroying the Gravelord or joining his covenant?

Can you also list all the non-crafting items needed to get certain spells or items required for achievements, like Sunlight Medals?

This game is really messy when it comes to achievements.

Also, considering one covenant requires 50 faith for offline players, what playthrough can I expect to get onto the covenant making a "paladin" build (a fighter, miracle user)? Not a good design choice at all, shoehorning offline players into a certain build...ugh.

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