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This is a quote I found on Gamefaqs that might help with the slab material.

"you can get all the achievements/trophies with just one, when you upgrade a weapon at the blacksmith the game does not save until you press the back button, so get a flame weapon to +5, ascend it to +6 then reinforce it to +10 to get the trophy BUT DO NOT PRESS THE BACK BUTTON, turn off the game and when you turn it back on your sword will be back at +6 and you will still have the red slab, just take it back down to +5 and ascend to chaos and then repeat the process"

People posted afterwards and they said it works and it seems to be the case as the game does not auto-save when your in the menu but auto-saves when you quit out of it when you hit the B button out of the menu in your item selection to quitting out of lets say the blacksmith modifying selection. Haven't tested it myself its worth a shot to anyone who has more then one slab to spare.
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