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Originally Posted by Sparky151427 View Post
Even better than 5?. 5 Was top notch with the story, fighter selection and game length. Can't see AH matching any of these. There was 53 flyable aircraft in 5 including variants.
I agree that AC5 had a top notch story (although some of the characters did perhaps get just a bit too preachy), but it wasn't perfect.
There was a large selection of aircraft, but no selection of different SP weapons for those aircraft.
So the aircraft you picked was as much down to its SP weapon as it was preference of what jets you like.
Their lack of flexibility somewhat reduced the value of the quantity.

I've just finished it, and I've really enjoyed the game.

One thing I will say about the reviews is that I have doubts how much effort they really put into playing some games.
I've seen it said that the story is "typical cold-war US vs Russians", which is quite funny when you've actually played through it.

I don't see the story in AC:AH as being particularly weak as some have said, its just different.
We don't get briefings and debriefings to each mission, going on about the big picture of the war effort, nor do we have a silent, faceless protagonist.
Its a more personal story, both in terms of knowing the protagonists and the enemies motives.
In that sense, I suppose it actually reminds me a bit of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.
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