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Number 1 is now number 2 (10/16/11)

Well after months and months of sheer determination I finally did it. Playing hours here and there, giving up for months at a time and then coming back I would like to share with everyone that I finally got the NUMBER 1 Nom de Guerre on training mission 5-2 by beating the time by 0.007 seconds.

I developed a method of my own different than the ones used to get the previous times and I honestly had times that were around 7.3-7.6 but when I finally got 7.632 seconds I only beat it by a small margin (good for everyone else)

If your interested in my method PM me and I will share...I did not take any video ever because I honestly never thought I would get it, and I will never play that mission again LOL

I just wanted to share with everyone that some times ARE still possible. Even though they seem out of reach if you really are determined you can do it. MANY MANY times I doubted the possibility of attaining it and even posted in forums that it was impossible, but I stand corrected!!!!
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