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Though many people agree with what the OP states, i do think it's worth while telling the readers why instead of repeating the same S-word over and over.

The cut-scenes are bold in this game, there are no textures in them and this makes you want to skip every cut-scene on the game which then removes the point of following the story line.

This game isn't ideal for kids because the controls are difficult to learn, kids games are all about fun and ease of use, this game doesn't contain those two aspects.

Though i've played so far through, it is fairly entertaining, but it is very repetative.

The levels are basic, the artwork is basic and all the scenery is an eye-sore.

These levels look like something from a Flight Simulator Package back in the late 90's.

You have 4 live within each level to complete, i started straight on Hard mode, and it only takes two missiles to lose a life, and all four can be gone within the first 5 minutes of play.

The levels bring you 'money' though not much use, to ugrade parts of your suit, but each level finished, a new part can be upgraded but it's retrictive.

The game play is average, but when trying to grab a helicopter or a jet it can be a very frustrating task to accomplish.

All in all, this game isn't waht anyone would expect to find considering such a brilliant film.

Unfortunatley i've also got the second game but unsure what it's like atm.

My advice, if you want this game for achievements, make sure you have other games to play too otherwise you may be tempted to go outside and play.

Hope this gives a better review of the game than some previous posts on here.
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