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I both hated it and loved it. The hate side was the lack of ground support missions form an fighter jet not the Apache. AC 4,5 & 6 had lots of these and I liked em.

Loved the AC-130 mission and the B-2 mission was not that bad.

But hated the fact that the game forces you to use the dogfight mode to win. I did attempt to fight the last battle the old way. And no go. He caught on fire and got a smoke trail and 2 sec later it was gone.
I liked the Dog fight mode at first. But after you got close to the end of the game. It was more of a I win method. Sure most of the dog fights did take you low on the ground to show of some side effects and explosions. But half the time you did no damage to em since they wanted to show you something first before you could kill em. That was half the last boss fight. Most of the ammo you use are wasted as they just wanna show you the capital building and some explosions on the bridge first before you do any real damage to him. Not all dog fights are like that. Most are over in 2-3 sec. But after 3 missile hits you just know the game wants to show you something like a falling building or some explosion before you can kill it. So I just follow until the camera shows me something then you can damage it. Its a waste of time and ammo.

AC 5 is still my fav of the lot. And I have em all laying around here some where.

Its an awesome game sure. But imo it just wears the AC name. Lots of nice new stuff like helicopters. And the MP is way more fun then AC 6. But the overall SP was lacking a lot of stuff imo. In AC 5 and 6 it was good fun to use the A-10 in air combat missions due to the cannon. The A-10 can't even enter dog fight mode it seems. And you can't select em in 90% of the missions.

But all in all its a fun game. But not epic awesome or mind blowing.
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