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When I first put in Iron Man, I thought it was a low end game. I also thought the difficulty was too high(even on easy) to make it enjoyable. Then I played Iron Man 2. That made me change my mind about the first one. Things could always be worse.

In my opinion, Iron Man isn't that bad. I unlocked my last achievement for beating it on Formidable after work on Friday(Oct 14) and I was surprised. I expected it to take me the whole weekend, and I wasn't looking forward to it at all. But the last 8 missions I had to do went pretty well. Once you know what to do, its just about doing it. I did 4 complete playthroughs of this game. Once on all difficulties and once more on easy mode just to have a saved game with all objectives completed. The second time I played it on easy was a breeze. If you've played Iron Man 2, then you know the controls can be much worse. I learned to deal with them and came out of the experience unscathed. I don't think its something to be proud of. I think its kind of normal. It really not that bad. Another 1000g earned. Iron Man 2 is worse game to put yourself through. I'm playing it now so I can honestly say the first Iron Man was better, and that's sad. But like I said, that's my opinion. To each their own.
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