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Originally Posted by B1indSide View Post
bradelo, like Steakman said, I rented it, and I can't stand when a company makes a ridiculously short 8 hour game, and tries to make it last by including achievements that require you to boot the game up for an entire year. You don't even have to play the game, just load it up. Those are pretty pathetic tactics so I might as well stoop as low as them and get creative in finding a way around it.
If you haven't noticed, you joined a site built around getting achievements the quickest and easiest way, so seeing as you joined then that makes you just as pathetic and more so more pointing it out. Good job.

and dethklok, are you f'ing serious. You boost for achievements and are asking for help to boost right in your sig... how is that any different? Quit being a hypocrite and "just do it for real."

You try to help other people out and get called pathetic. Awesome.
amen to that brotha
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