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Yes I agree!!!

But I enjoying completing difficult games as opposed to boosting easy games just for gamerscore lol. It is MUCH more satisfying to me to actually "achieve" things when getting achievements. I don't avoid great games just because they have hard achievements, instead I buy the games I want to play and try to get all the achievements in them regardless of difficulty.

My toughest ones yet are:

Ninja Gaiden II
Lost Planet
Gears 1 & 2
Grand Theft Auto IV
Lost Odyssey

Hopefully I will add LP2 and GoW 3 to that list, but so far LP2 will far outweigh the ones above in time and effort lol, but skill on the other hand not so much. Nothing has compared to the difficulty of NG II for me so far.

Thanks for the congrats I look to join you in 1000 soon (or well I should say I have a ways to go lol)
160+ Completed Retail/arcade games (includes DLC)

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