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Fully Loaded 10
Collect all of Batman's gadgets and upgrades

You must level up and purchase all the upgrades for Batman. You will be provided all but 3 gadgets. One is available for pickup up after you finish up at the Museum. Another one is not available until the second time that you visit the Steel Mill. The last one requires that you complete the first four AR Training exercises. You will be notified of the side mission when a new gadget is available. The code to hack TYGER security terminals is considered a gadget as well, you will get this at the end of the game.

You must complete the "Bargaining Chip" achievement to unlock the gadget from the Steel Mill.

Forensic Expert 10
Collect enough evidence to locate the gun for hire

See "Contract Terminated".

Note: Non-existent in the PC version.

Contract Terminated 25
Stop the contract operative

This side-quest (Shot in the Dark) should trigger early in the game as you pass the location marked "1" on the map below. Once you finish that, the next portion begins at "4" and you will follow along as such. If you are having trouble triggering the other locations, try again later once you get further in the story or reload the city by entering and leaving a building or quitting to the menu and staring the game up again. Simply follow the numbers on the map to finish each section of the quest.

Serial Killer 25
Track down the serial killer

This side-quest (Identity Thief) is quite a bit harder to trigger. You need to basically be standing on top of the body for the game to register you've found it. Again, follow the numbers on the map below to proceed through the questline. If you are having trouble triggering the other locations try again later once you get further in the story or reload the city by entering and leaving a building or quitting to the menu and staring the game up again.

Mystery Stalker 15
Reveal the mystery watcher

The "Catch!" achievement is unlocked during this sequence only!

The Mystery Watcher appears at the locations below, which correspond to the numbers on the map. If you miss seeing him, you can return at any time to find him standing there - the achievement is not missable. If he is not there, try exiting and reloading the game. During the story, he only shows up in this specific order and you will need to speak with him at one to make him move to the next. Post-game, he will sort of be at all the locations at once and you can do them in any order.
  1. As soon as you leave the courthouse for the first time, he is on the building across from you.
  2. After leaving the Steel Mill, he can be found at the top of the Ferris wheel.
  3. Finishing up at Wonder City and exiting from the Subway you will be told to interrogate someone. During the cutscene the mystery watcher can be seen on the building opposite of you.
  4. Revisiting the GCPD for the second time he can be seen, again, on the building opposite from you.
After finding him at the four locations above, your map will open and you will need to enlarge and rotate the symbols to fit the four points you spoke with him at. Doing so will reveal the fifth location, marked with a "5" in the map. Head there to finish the quest (Watcher in the Wings).

Distress Flare 5
Answer the call for help

See "Broken Toys".

Note: Non-existent in the PC version.

Broken Toys 25
Destroy it all

After leaving the Steel Mill for the first time you will be notified of this mission (Fragile Alliance). This mission is near the water in the building next to the big cranes with the giant bear on top. This is a very straight forward mission as all the objectives are marked on your map and you pass by them all during the story. The final one will only be available late in the story. Destroy the objectives with your explosive gel.

Ring Ring 5
Answer a ringing phone

See "Dial Z For Murder".

Note: Non-existent in the PC version.

Dial Z For Murder 25
Stop the phone booth killer

The telephone encounters for this quest (Cold Call Killer) are entirely random, just pay attention to your Local Surveillance box. Once you hear a phone ringing, hunt it down. You'll then have to rush to a second phone and follow around his tracing signal with your thumbstick. Once you trace the call and reveal his location, enter his hideout to subdue the killer.

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