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Originally Posted by bLaKgRaVy View Post
For the 14 "unmissable" achievement at the beginning of the guide, you need something. Guide rules state that every achievement has to have a solution regardless. If they're story related, say where they are unlocked at least (chapter, level, section of the game, etc). Something. Provide as much information about the achievement as possible. Nothing is lazier than saying "Story Related, Can't Be Missed". That's a cheap way out of writing a guide. If you're worried about spoilers, use a spoiler tag. Something has to be written for those achievements if you want it accepted, stickied and potentially published.

I suggest you read:

"7. ALL achievements must have explanations. If a game has only story related achievements you must list that under each achievement, or point them to another achievement. If you decide not to fill out this information your guide may be declined. Just because it unlocks through progression, not everyone will know that. If we don't play the game we won't know that either."
Yea, I'm pretty confident that a Day 1 Guide is still under construction. Besides, I haven't seen where he has said this is the final and submitted guide.

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