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Rank In 15 - Upload your record to the Time Trial Mode leaderboard.
Another straightforward one, after you finish a time trial the game will automatically upload your time and then the achievement will pop.

Challenge Clear 20 - Clear a challenge in CHALLENGE Mode.
As it states, enter challenge mode and complete any challenge.

Survive: 5000 20 - Log over 5000 in SURVIVAL Mode.
This Achievement will require a bit more effort to obtain. Start up survival mode and earn over 5000 in bonuses. To do this, just keep driving and around the fourth lap the Achievement will pop. This is best attempted on the beginner course due to the sharp bend and long curve on to straight.

Karaoke Racer! 30 - Play KARAOKE Mode until the end.
I have it on good authority that this is exactly as it says. Choose the Karaoke mode from the menu and play until the end of a song for a nice 30g!

100 hits 20 - Hit the sign or road cone 100 times. (number of hits is the cumulative total)
This is easiest done on ‘Three Seven Speedway’ (Beginner). Start the race, and on the left as you reach the apex of the bend, you will see some cones, just slow down, turn around and knock them all over, carry on up the pits and you will see more. Run them over then quit the game, rinse and repeat. (NB - You can re-hit the cones as this counts towards the 100 total hits.)

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