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Originally Posted by Walecs360 View Post
The point of thread is that you shouldn't get it.
the point of thread is you are a troll!

you dont have kinect, you have mulitipule threads/posts against kinect & kinect sports.

none of which have a valid reason as to why not to get it.

yet all it is is a rant because you dont want to get off the couch!

if you dont own a kinect, you have no voice!

i've played some great games. heres my list of favorites in order so far. rise of nightmares awesome stuff & freeroaming. not bad graphics either.

forza4 awesome graphics & free roam driving the real cars! just wish they added season mode for us kinect users.

hulk hogan main event. first wrestling game & a blast to play!

powerup heroes is awesome too just read my review on here.

theres so many more & more to come!

now i want full seasons/tourneys. thats a real point. not i want conkers boohoo cr*p!

so come back when you have something tangleable.please stop cluttering up the boards with your rants that have no merit.

as for rare making this game. i thought they did. on xbl they have a video talking about how they improved it.

i had a hard time with voice reconistion & my tennis racket always being slanted.

i hope this gets fixed. i can do table tennis fine but not tennis.

i wish they'd make full seasons too. instead of mini games.
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