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It took me ages to get the "200 Points in ranked matches" cheev.
I stopped the online stuff because you will wait more than u will play.

I'm now on the Fuel plant on veteran, and i hate this game.
This is really annoying unfair this game.
I couldn't believe when everybody here and everywhere talks about the grenade rain,
or the "enemies can shoot throug closed doors/walls" thing.
And yes i encountered things like this.

And i have the feeling that there is in every mission after u killed 4-6 nazis,
the comes an "ubernazi" soldier who sees you everytime, and is the perfect sniper
with every gun and can kill you instant...

I played through BO,CoD MW+MW2 & CoD2 on Veteran (and now this one)
I thought BO was a pain in the ass, nope i found it's bigger, meaner brother.


fucking fuel plant! I HATE IT!

Next time i have the opportunity to meet an treyarch programmer,
i make a video walkthrough how to beat him!

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