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Originally Posted by tastefulmrship View Post
- Task 1 - Rescue Wallace.
Examine central console. (The dashboard infront of Gromit)
Use glove compartment. (To the left of the console)
Pick up crank.
Push middle button. (This opens the sunroof)
Push autopilot.
Exit close-up view.
Climb through sunroof.
Use crank with ladder control box. (To the right of Gromit)
Climb through sunroof.
Examine central console.
Push left button. (This starts the windscreen wipers)
Exit close-up view.
Climb through sunroof.
Get feather.
Climb ladder.
Tickle Queen. (Use the feather on the Queen) (Act 4: Queenly Bearing 1/2)

- Task 2 - Get Queen stuck in the tunnel.
Exit close-up view.
Use growth forumla with hatch. (The hatch is the outside the truck, on the passenger-side to the right of the door)
Examine central console.
Adjust radio. (Boring documentary which makes the Queen sleepy)
Adjust radio. (Comedy show which makes the Queen laugh)
Exit close-up view.
Look in rear-view periscope. (Above and to the left of Wallace)
Wait until the Queen is laughing and her mouth is open.
Shoot the porridge-gun at her head. (Get Cracking 4/4) (Act 4: Queenly Bearing 2/2)
Thank u for this. It really helped me

Got 200/200
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