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Chained Attacker
10 Combo Counter reaches 100

In the last level there's a point where you have to push a pillar over to create a bridge, it begins to crumble as you cross it. When you get across, you'll fight alot of Oilmen. Use the 'Cimmerian Cyclone' Dual-Wield Combat Ability X, X, X, X (hold). This way you can make those necessary hits, just make sure you don't step into the black ooze.

Chain of Fools
20 Combo Counter reaches 325

see 'Chained Attacker'

Mob Massacre
15 Kill 5 or more enemies simultaneously

see 'Strength of 10 Men'

Strength of 10 Men (Secret Achievement)
40 Kill 10 or more enemies simultaneously

You can use the Void armour power during the very last boss battle, or you can use the Fire Rain armor power during the Serpent Queen Boss battle when she summonds several enemies, either way, just wait untill there are enough enemies around. This achievement is quite hard as all 10 must die at exactly the same time or it won't unlock.

Treasure Seeker
10 Find 5 treasure chests

see 'Filthy Rich'

Treasure Hunter
20 Find 50 treasure chests

see 'Filthy Rich'

Filthy Rich
30 Find all treasure chests

This Guide >Here< mentions the locations of alot of the chests in the game, but it misses the first two. At the start where the statues come to life, there's a chest on the far left and right sides of the area before you head through the door.

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