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Originally Posted by xCGIx PUNISHER View Post
It's always been RE4 for me. You're right though, the earlier Resident Evil's were far scarier, but it's kind of difficult to vote on this since the later games have the advantage of better technology. It's hard to say that a really old game is better then a more recent one. RE5 would have been #1, because co-op was a brilliant addition and it really improved on everything that RE4 had, but it had no element of fear in it and the fact that enemies eventually had guns tried to make the game into something it shouldn't be. It was no longer "survival horror." RE4 at least had some scary moments (Regenerators scared the shit out of me when I first played it, and so did U3.)

RE6, wherever they take it, should be open world with quests or maybe in this case "missions." I always thought that would put the RE series back on top. If they just made the next game scary like it should be, kept the same gameplay elements (and put the Attache Case and Merchant back in) and added open world, damn that would be sweet.
you cant base a comparison on whether the technology is better as time goes on. as all games are technically better then they were in 2005 for example, you have to base your decision on how it made you feel at the time, which is why i still have legend of zelda ocarina of time as my all time no.1 game, and its why the original resident evil is the best game in the series no doubt. that pure mixture of frightening exhileration and tense combat is something i cannot forget, and no game has ever matched that, altho silent hill homecoming has come close. when u first encounter the running zombie as you go into the crypt after placing the arrowhead on the grave is the most frightening thing i ever experienced has a survival horror virgin at the time. just awesome sauce.
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