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Don't get me started on this shit!
There where so many WTF moments, i tried it ~50 times and then got it.
I used a different tactic then the oens descibed above.

The major problem is that,
all germans in this level are "hardcore-uber-almost-invunerable-snipers".
Even with a machine gun they shoot you from behind trees 5 miles away,
and they always hit you.
Your buddies are really fucked up.
I died most times because of them don't do anything or doesn't care to protect me.

If you're hiding behind the tank to the right, there is always a soldier there shooting,
but he dosn't hit anything because he shoots at the tank, the collision box doesn't end right after the tank, and when 4 germans come from the right he will get always shot and if you don't pay attention to this or shoot the germans you will die,
because your buddies who are with you in the trench they don't care.
A german comes right on the tank where i was hiding left to me where 6 american soldiers, he shot me and my buddies where just looking at him and pointing their guns to him but they never shot.*ARGH*

If u try to manage to get to the "german filled trench",
i only had the shotgun and the garand (good weapon keep it)
the good thing is after u WILL die a few times because the forest is crawling with germans, they are always in the same places.
After i died several times i knew exactly where every german stood.
The woodbunker just before the mortar was tough because there is always a german hiding who u can't see and who will most times kill u.

And i hate that my buddies always stand in the way or get hit by me because of dumb running before me when i have a german in my shights.
And friendly fire will not be tolerated ...F*** you!
I hated to get killed so close to the end, and all from the beginning... *AAAAAAAAAAARGH*

I'm glad to finally made it.
This level was a real pain in the ass.
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