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Originally Posted by Baihu1983 View Post
Any game play vids of big league sports?

Im getting KS this thursday but would like to see what BLS has to offer.
the only thing i know is big league sports comes out nov 8th.

i find it strange that vids are hard to come by. in BLS they have hockey. curious to see how they pull that one off.

i liked season 1 but the demo didnt sell me. i buy most games from demos.

i wish xbl would put some vids up at least.

i just hope season 2 isnt the same as the first one.

dont get me wrong, i enjoyed it. just want longer gameplay from them.

when you look at wii sports. it at least has a leveling system. ie pro,champion & such. which you got via points from wins against AI.

i thought season 2 would implement something to give us some replay value. ie reward system, extra holes, extra.

if you do get season 2. please let me know what you think.

i hope its done better than the demo . gonna get the hockey one. wait on reviews for this one.

i'll let you know if i see any vids on it. nothing on the boards either about it.

something i forgot to add. you sound like you enjoy golf. thats on the other one i mentioned too.

looking at the ahcieves here on this site. i noticed what looks like a mix of mini & full games for each sport.

ie golf has driving & putting challenges. mixed in with a full game of golf. same applies to the other sports.

hockey blew me away with slapshot & goalie challenge plus full game!

i hope this works out well still might get season 2. on the fence though. but if the other one plays good. i'd say kinect sports finally has a good rival.

catious though as other companies have all failled at sports games but rare.

wish football wasnt watered down. please let me know what you think. i have very few friends on my list who buy kinect games.

most of them go by my reviews,lmao.

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