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To be honest it was much, much, much easier than I expected. The majority of the game you can just stay in cloak mode all the time, running from one cover to the next one and then recharge. If you have to kill enemies, use the silencer of course to not get the enemies attention, and only kill 1 enemie at the time. Try to lay down so you can only see 1 guy, aim at his head with your SCAR and the sight that has the strongest zoom, put on Single fire mode, disable cloak mode shoot and activate cloak again. Or use the tactical attachement if the enemie is far away, if you miss he won't notice it unlike when you shoot with a bullet. Overall in the first part of the story where you fight against humans, use cloak mode all the time and later


when you fight against the aliens use cover all the time. And if the big things that fly through the air attack you move all the time, they won't hit you at all. It takes alot of time, but if you take it it's pretty damn easy. I started at like 1pm and was done at 11.30pm

I had a chance to kill the best, but then I remebered suicide is a sin.


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