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General F.A.Qs

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION PLEASE ASK HERE. Don't clog the forums up.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. To find your answer quicker press control+f (apple+f) and type keywords.


Q. Where can I buy a WP?

Rest of the world
Electronic shops and Cellular/Moblie shops.

Q. What is the best WP on the market?
This is debatable as all WP7 have Pros and Cons.

Here is a comparison of most phones.
Here are all the phones that are currently available that run WP7/7.5

Siri on iPhone said the Nokia Lumina 900 was. (doesn't claim this anymore)

Q. Will Windows 7 handsets support Windows 8?
Unfortunately not the last we will get is Windows 7.8.

Q. WP8 is out, but WP7's are cheap now which should I get?
Seeing as you can get some WP7 on the cheap worldwide why not pick one up if you're going to use it soley for gaming. There is no word yet that they are halting development for games for WP7.

Q. iPhone, Andorid, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Symbian?
It is all down to what you want, there are many benefits and con's for each platform. Here are some links that might make things easier.

Android vs Windows Phone 7
Blackberry vs Windows Phone 7
iPhone vs Andorid vs webOS vs Blackberry vs Windows Phone 7 vs Symbian
iPhone vs Windows Phone 7

Q. Where can I find out about upcoming updates and scheduled releases?
To check the update status for your phone and carrier click here.

Q. What is in each update?
To find out what content is in each update click here.

Q. Do I need a contract or a sim card to use the phone?
A contract is not needed as you can connect to WiFi and for no sim:
You get a sim card error when you start the phone but this is easily bypassed by pushing the back button. You'll be on the home screen after that and you can connect to your Wifi and then go to the marketplace.

Q. I have a Mac, how can I put music, pictures and videos on my phone and vice versa?
You will have to download this program. (Note even though it says minimum is 10.5 you really need 10.6 for the app store to work.) Unfortunately you can't buy the games or apps for your phone on it.

Q. How do I get a custom ringtone?
Click Here

Q. My phone is filling up fast can I upgrade the memory capacity?
You can but this could possibly void warranty and unless you know what you are doing I would strongly recommend you do not try this. Some of the WP availible have removeable SD cards so its possible to put games etc on it (TBC)

Q. ARGH I have lost all my data is there anyway of getting it back?
Not unless you backed up your saves though Zune.

Q. Do I need antivirus software on my phone?
As of now there have been no viruses publicly announced, so its safe to say there is no need for one.

Q. Can I jailbreak my WP?
I'm guessing this is against the rules to discuss. Also if you have the money to buy the phone then you have enough money to pay for apps/games.
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