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Q. How many games that support xbox live are available?
A. 100+ available for all regions.

Q. What games that support xbox live are available on WP8?
A. List of WP8 games As of now there are only 3 games.

Q. I got my nice new Windows Phone 8, dafuq why can't I get X game?
A. Some games that availble on WP7 are not compatible with WP8 at the moment but slowly one by one they are being patched. For WP7 games that don't work on WP8 click here.

Q. When do new Xbox Live games get released? And at what time?
A. Much like XBLA they come out on a certain day which is usually Wednesday. They usually come out at 12pm (+4GMT).

Q. I'm getting a WP soon or my WP is broken and I don't want to miss a deal like that, can I buy it without having the phone?
A. Yes you can, it acts the same way as Arcade games. Just find said game on the site and then proceed to payment. Now when you get your phone just enter your gamertag and the game should start downloading.

This does not work for the Nokia Exclusives.

Q. Someone has X game but I don't see it on the marketplace (if the game is released)
A. Usually the marketplace takes a life time to update, so if you are near a computer and have internet access on your phone, go here search for the game in question then you can click buy or try. Once you have clicked on one,a link to the game can be sent to you via email.

Q. Someone has X game but I don't see it on the marketplace?
A. EA and Nokia have exclusives, so the only way around that is to buy a Nokia Lumina. The deal for exclusivity is supposed to last 6 months for each game.

Q. X game was released where is it?
A. Jet Car Stunts is only available for phones that have Mango, so for the people using service providers that have not started shipping the update have you have to try forcing the update.

Q. Is it possible to buy games from other Marketplaces?
A.For WP7 unfortunalty not. So if you have an account from the US account you can't purchase Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

With Windows phone 8 this is possible.

Q. Can I buy WP7 games with Microsoft Points?
A. No unfortunately only Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Pre-Paid CC's are accepted. Also, On AT&T you can purchase games and have it charged on your monthly bill along with CC, However DLC can be purchased with Microsoft points.

Q. How can I install games from an SD card?
A. No, hopefully in the near feature they will patch it

Q. Finally an update came out how do I find out whats in it?
A. Usually this is shown when you are prompted to update a game. However if you missed that click here.

Q. I don't like the price of the game will it come down?
A. Games occasionally drop in price but on the Windows Phone 7 we get a special Deal Of The Week every Wednesday that runs for 7 days.

Price Guide

  • (TBC), $3.00 (DOTW), $4.00, $6.50, $9.00, (TBC)
  • €0.99, €1.99 (DOTW), €2.99, €4.99, €6.99, €9.99
  • 0.79, 1.49 (DOTW), 2.29, 3.99, 5.49, 7.99
US/Canada (TBC)
  • $0.99, $1.99 (DOTW), $2.99, $4.99, $6.99, $9.99

Q. Are there any free games that net me achievements?
Yes there are some free games.
  • AlphaJax - 200gs
  • Breeze - 50gs
  • Bug Village - 200gs
  • Contract Killer - 200gs
  • Flowerz - 200gs
  • Gun Bros - 200gs
  • Minesweeper - 50gs
  • Shuffle Party - 50gs
  • Sudoku - 50gs
  • Wordament - 200gs

Q. If I have a game on my xbox retail or arcade does that mean I get (insert game here) free?
A. Games like Pac-Man and Plants vs. Zombies are available on WP7 and the xbox live arcade however you will have to purchase both. But they have separate achievements which is good.

Q. X game has been delisted is it possible to get it?
A. No because the game is no longer available, however if the game is relaunched (Twin Blades) it will be possible to download it again.
Click here - As of Mango this no longer works.

Q. X game was announced and the achievements have been revealed when will it come out?
A. To be honest there is no way to find out, WPcentral will have the most up-to-date info out there. Some games like Time Pilot, Shoa-lins Road and the Game Chest games achievements appear and then the games disappear without a trace.

Unreleased games

Q. What about if I own a game that is delisted and I delete it, can I re-download it?
A. You cant re-install it once its off the marketplace. If its been delisited and you still have it you can still play it an earn achievements. Once its gone from your phone, its all gone... Be sure to get the 200 GS before you delete them.

Delisted Games
  • Butterfly
  • Crackdown 2 Project Sunburst
  • Fast & Furious: Adrenaline
  • iBomber Defense (nokia exclusive)
  • MiniSqaudron
  • PES 2011
  • PES 2012
  • Star Wars: Battle for Hoth
  • Star Wars: Cantina


Q. I deleted X game then decided to reinstall it but all my progress is gone?
A. Game saves seem to be attached to the game rather then saved on the phone, so if you delete the game you delete your game save. The only game that I've noticed that keeps data is Wordament.

Q. Can I play WP7/8 games on my tablet?
A. No, the tablet uses the same marketplace as the Windows 8 operating system for computers.

Q. Are there any games that help out with the retail/arcade version or vice versa?
A. Games like Fusion Sentient and Fable Coin Golf can help you out in Fusion Genesis and Fable 3 respectively.

Q. Can I play multiplayer?
A. Some games support multiplayer like Gravity Guy and Orbital where you and some friends can all play on one screen. Doodle Jump for example has multiplayer where the players take turns. Game Chest: Logic Games supports online multiplayer but it is turn based.

List of games that have multiplayer:

Local MP (one phone)
  • AlphaJax
  • Doodle Jump
  • Gravity Guy
  • Orbital

Trading MP
  • Fusion Sentient
  • Gun Bros

Turn Based MP
  • AlphaJax
  • Battleship
  • Carcassone
  • Game Chest: Logic Games
  • Pro Pool Online 3

Wifi MP
  • Pac-Man Rally Kart

? MP
  • Wordament

Q. Do I need a gold subscription to play multiplayer games?
A. No. There have been some rumors that you will but this turned out to be false.

Q. My friend has X game on his (other than WP) can I play with them?
A. Some of the games that aren't Xbox Live enabled can such as Draw Something and Words With Friends. The only cross platform xbox live game is Wordament (iOS with WP)
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