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Q. Do all games on the Marketplace have achievements?
A. No only the games under the xbox live tab do.

Current game list

Q. X game is on WP7 and WP8 can I get achievements in both?
A. No, games like Angry Birds Space/Star Wars are availble on WP7 and WP8 however the WP8 version has achievements where as the WP7 version does not.

Q. Can I unlock achievements with out being connected to 3g or WiFi?
A. Yes and no. Some games are rather picky such as NFS Underground require you to be connected to live.

Games that require interent access
  • Gun Bros (TBC)
  • Frogger
  • Fusion Sentient
  • NFS Undergound
  • Puzzle Quest 2
  • The Sims 3
  • Wordament

Q. I fulfilled the requirement for X achievement in Y game but it didn't unlock?
A. Some games are just glitched (see question below) but others are buggy and if this happens then you can try deleting the game and then re-installing it (as this also removes the game saves) and re-fill the criteria for it.

If you unlocked an achievement but its not showing up in your history, give it some time it will update.

Q. What games have glitched achievements on the WP?
A. Unfortunately there are some games that have glitched achievements, while some get patched there are some that have yet to receive patches. The reason behind glitched achievements is because the developers can't test the achievements.

Games with glitched achievements
  • Brain Challenge HD - 5 achievements for 80gs
  • Contract killer - 1 achievement for 15gs
  • Crackdown 2 Project sunburst - all achievements for 200 gs
  • Deer Hunter 3D - 1 achievement for 25gs
  • iBomber Defense - 1 achievements for 10gs (TBC)
  • Lets Golf 2 - 1 achievement for 10gs
  • MiniSquardron - 1 achievement for 50gs
  • Picnic Wars - 1 achievement for 5gs
  • Real Football/Soccer - 1 achievement for 10gs
  • Revolution - 1 achievement for 20gs

Total - 435gs

More info

Q. I need a quick 200?
A. Click here

Q. I have finished a game (200/200) will there be any DLC for it to get more?
A. As of July 13th 2011 Beards & Beaks is the first WP7 game to get paid for DLC that can be bought with Microsoft Points but no achievements are attached to it.
Zombies!!! is the first and only game to receive paid DLC that includes achievements.

Q. Are there any games that are stackable?
A. Yes there are two games that stack. However to obtain them you'll need a WP8.

Stackable games

Real Football/Soccer (2) - 400gs *one glitched achievement.
  • US
  • Other Regions

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (5) - 1000gs These will be in their respected languages.
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain

Q. OMGWTFBBQHAX an iOS game with achievements, will there be more?
A. This is unknown as of now.

iOS games that net you achievements for xbox
  • Wordament - 50gs
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