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Xbox Live

Q. If I live in a country that doesn't support XBL and have an account from another region (US,UK,Canada), How can I get games?
This is unconfirmed if it works anywhere else but I live in the United Arab Emirates and I buy my games using a Pre-Paid Credit Card. (I have an American account.) Questionable?

Does not work in:
United Kingdom

Q. Are they any other ways to by games if I don't have a credit card?
Seeing as you can't buy games with Microsoft Points and you don't want to use a credit card you can use paypal and Windows Phone app credit. However to use these 2 options you must have a WP8.

Q. Can I have two Gamertags on one phone?
. No. So if you have a game that your friend doesn't want to fork out the money for tough!

Q. If I change my Windows Live ID what happens?
"I did this yesterday but it didnt automatically update on my phone and logged me out. Normally you'd think "Fine I can just login with my new ID", but how wrong I was. You can't change your primary Windows Live ID, there just isnt an option for it and you cant fully delete your old one either."

The only way to fix this is a factory reset but this means you will lose all your data on your phone.

Q. What happens if I change my Gamertag?
"I changed my gamertag a few days ago. I looked at the phone and the changes have been acquired without problems. It was like changing the avatar outfit."

Q. Help I can't sign in to xbox live when I click on my avatar!
If this happens to you, either uninstall the xbox live extras app then reinstall or turn your phone off then remove the battery. Or you can do both just to make sure.
(note: If you have no connection to the internet it will give you the same error)

Q. Can I have my account on more then one Windows Phone?
You can have the same xbox live account on 4 different phones.

Q. I have a WP7 and a WP8, can I have my gamertag on both?
Yes, same as above.

Useful Places

Apps (note: You will need Zune Software to download from the site)
WP on
WP7 on

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