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I've been going for this achievement the last few days and it's turning into a real grind!

Started off with a club value of around 8 million, which I've managed to turn into 41 million in about 3 days which isn't bad going. The problem I have now having used up my surplus coins is that I can't generate any more cash without playing matches so in using all the coins I'm making from games, on average about 500-700 per 15-20 minutes of playing, this is turning into a slow process.

I know that I could make a couple of hundred thousand by selling a few of my main squad, players like Torres, Modric and Y Toure but I don't really want to do that for sentimental reasons! Most of my first choice squad have played well over 100 games for me so I wouldn't like to lose the stats, even though I could probably make a profit by buying them back after I get this achievement.
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