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Originally Posted by BIGbivvie View Post
Hi John, you do realise that players you send to your club can be taken out after you have the achievement, and discarded or re-sold.

So sell your whole team if you need to and buy them back once you've got the achievement. Like I said it only costs ~10k if you do the gold method which I showed everyone - and its really fast too

I see, lol.
Yeah I'm well aware of the methods and I've been using them, and I know I'll get my money back, having no problems finding loads of golds for 300 coins and silvers for 150. I've got over 400 players in my club now but I'm only just over half way to the achievement.

Like I said, I'm only using match coins to fund my buying now. I might just have to put sentiment out of the window and sell my first choice players for a cash injection just to get this cheevo, but I'd rather not! Depends how frustrated I get...
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