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I was so excited when the revealed that they were bring this game to the Xbox 360. I've always liked Resident Evil Code: Veronica, but for some reason, I never got around to completing it. Now, of course, I have bought it and I LOVE IT!! When you first start it, it's really hard - like the hardest Resident Evil ever. However, as you get into it, you learn all the little tricks (like now I've played it so much on XBLGOD, I have mastered how to dodge and not get bitten by zombies).

The story is that of an average Resident Evil: Claire is stuck on an Island full of Zombies and other B.O.Ws. Of course, it's never that easy and you can imagen that things never go according to plan. The puzzles aren't the best ever, but they're definitley there (It's not a "classic" Resident Evil without puzzles there to make your brain bleed).

Now many people (including IGNorant) are saying that it's a lazy port with no HD at all. First of all, the resolution has been increased which means that the general look of the game is no longer misty. Secondly, I have actually noticed a few changes graphically. Here's a few off the top of my head:

  • Water has been updated
  • There is no longer a distance mask (thick black fog to hide any object or texture pop-up)
  • Lighting has been updated to give the game a more realistic feel
  • Icy mist isn't as strong
There is, however, one change which I don't like which some may consider a spoiler, so I have written all spoiler comments in a small blue font, so skip that if you want (it'll be easier to read when you highlight it):

When you reach Antarctica as Chris, and enter the double doors onto the upper floor of the main hall (As Claire, you can see down to the next floor, but as Chris, it's all iced up). Now in the original game (Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, anyway), you could see the giant spider underneath that ice, yes? Well in the HD re-master, they have, for reasons unknown, removed that object from underneath the ice. You still have to fight him, of course, but you can't see him anymore before you fight him. It's more of a surprise now, but on the original, you had that thought in the back of your head "OMG, when is he gonna smash out?".

I am also actually glad that this had a digital release because it's so useful just to turn on your console and have it there instantly. And of course, Achievements make this game all the more better. Overall, I love this game and I don't see any reason why you WOULDN'T buy this again. I hope that little review help someone lol.
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