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Originally Posted by Fizzmatix View Post
Hip Shooter - 30
Destroy the fleeing PLA transport helicopter in Eagle Offense

Fairly near the start of the mission you will need to destroy two APC's as they make their way towards your convoy. Destroy the two APC's, but don't progress onwards just yet. Look to the sky just in front of you, and shoot down the helicopter that will fly over head. Use a semi automatic weapon or an assault rifle , because you won't be able to destroy the chopper using RPGs or slow firing weapons.

YouTube - Operation Flashpoint 2 Hip Shooter Achievement

Most usless description ever. "Look to the sky infront of you". What the fuck direction is infront of you? I'm always in the trees and never see a heli until it is over top of me. Even worse video such a low res piece of shit. Someone please help

Gotta love that this 98% of this forum only follows current games. No one remains active in forums of games they've finished. Good luck getting achievement tips for an original release.
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