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Geometry seems to be off in some areas. Playing "Drop Em Like Liquid" co-op my buddy and I failed multiple times because we couldn't shoot the bad guys in the buses or in the embassy at times. We would have a COMPLETELY clear shot with nothing but window glass in the way. Crosshairs dead on their head, 5 rounds down range the they wouldn't even flinch. It was always the in the right hand bus, guy on the left and second guy from the right at the embassy. Seemed really buggy and pissed us off to no end. I've heard there was a day 1 patch for PC that fixes a lot of issues complained about in this thread, but it's not out for Xbox or PS3 yet. Hopefully it will come out QUICKLY! OH, FYI...the patch for Xbox on day 1 was the HD content, not the patch for the PC I just mentioned.
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