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I decided to go overboard min-maxing my stats, so I went to the trouble of getting to level 51 via 100+ skill level training (normal max would have been 48). Final stats were STR 125, INT 115, WIL 110, AGL 115, SPD 120, LCK 115 (with the Felldew exploit, Oghma Infinium Path of Steel, and Thief birthsign). Gods, I can't believe I spent that much time on that.

Originally Posted by deadmaninc22 View Post
I'm just completed the quest for getting the "commentaries" 3 and 4 books and im still level 1. it says i can sleep to get level 2 but i cant find anywhere to sleep so...fuck it lol
There's the quest "Through a Nightmare, Darkly" that requires you to sleep. You can also just find bedrolls in bandit camps (after you've taken out the bandits). If you join a guild, you can use their beds for free.
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