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I would say less than a handful of people in the world will ever get 200GS on this after buying it (which I now regret) think its going to get poor word of mouth & bad reivews due to how hard & unforgiving it is.

If your going to make a hard game at least give an easier option in the menu with more checkpoints this is such a shame its so good looking & the atmosphere is incredible & utterly stunning in places but the level of difficulty is beyond ridiculous. 2nd level alone will take most people an hour just to figure out what to do the difficulty goes from easy to impossible.

Huge letdown for me I have now removed from my scorecard as I had 0GS cannot see me ever returning to it unless they produce a serious balance issue patch. Whoever did the QA testing deserves to be fired there is no way on earth this game could ever be completed by most players let alone not dying!
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