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Maximizing Earning Points towards Onyx Medals: Part 1

I joined this site just to be able to add to this incredibly helpful thread.

Maximizing Earning Points towards Onyx Medals: Part 1
Adding on to Easy Captor/Pistols/Headshots

The reason I am writing this tutorial is to add on to existing tutorials to increase the boosting potential, make boosting a little less monotonous, and hopefully speed up the work on multiple Onyx Medals instead of just 2 or 3 at a time.

First things first, I need to give credit to NikkeSWE / Nikke84 for this great thread:

And for this great video:

What is needed?
  • Gears of War 3
  • 1st Controller w/ Primary Profile
  • 2nd Controller w/ Guest Profile
  1. First you will need to watch the linked video by NikkeSWE for the basic idea of what we are working on. (Note: Pay close attention to the line that he draws in the video from the end of the sandbags to the front corner of the car. This is where the spawn trigger is located; crossing this line forces the spawn point to move to the other side of the map. This trigger location is the same on both sides of the map.)
  2. Start a Private Versus TDM Match with Respawns set to 35, Rounds set to 15, and no bots.
  3. Select Hotel as your map and set all weapon pickups to the Boltok Pistol.
  4. When you first start the map Roadie Run and pick up all three of the Boltok Pistols at the front of the Hotel (2 are in the corner gardens by the spawn triggers, and then 1 is in the middle of the street). Doing so will max out your ammunition carrying capacity (42 Rounds). You should end up at the Spawn Trigger after grabbing the 3 Boltok Pistols and looking at your opponent on 2nd Controller standing at his spawn point. Make sure to move your player on 1st Controller to behind the Spawn point Trigger between the sandbags and the car.
  5. Switch to 2nd Controller and Roadie Run over to 1st Controllers location.
  6. But first switch out to your smoke grenade and plant it at the back corner of the car farthest from the sandbags. The reason for placing it to the rear of the car is so that the smoke won’t obstruct the view of the Spawn Point once it goes off.
  7. Switch back to 1st Controller and shoot the planted grenade.
  8. Pistol whip your opponent 3 times to get them to go down, press X and pick them up as a meatshield.
  9. At this point your opponent should always respawn in their original spawn location. From where you stand you should be able to lock on target by pulling the Left Trigger, make sure to Click your Left Stick to Spot them, Click Right Stick to zoom in and get a headshot using only 2 rounds, active reload between deaths, rinse and repeat until your ammo is gone.
  10. Once you are out of ammo and before your opponent respawns at this spawn point snap your meatshields neck by pressing X, cross the spawn trigger and wait there until your opponent spawns at the other spawn point. Doing so makes it so you only have to Roadie Run back to that end picking up the same 3 Boltok Pistols along the way.
  11. Once there switch controllers and Roadie Run your opponent on 2nd Controller over to your location between the sandbags and car, remember to plant another grenade.
  12. Switch back to 1st Controller, shoot the grenade, take your opponent as a meatshield again, and continue to get headshots and active reloads until the final minute timer displays at the top of the screen.
  13. Once the timer has started I have found that you can get at maximum 3 or 4 more headshot kills. So instead of wasting all that ammo you picked up start firing off a single round and active reloading over and over while you are waiting for the respawn to happen.
  14. When you get down to the last 5 seconds on the timer snap the neck of your meatshield.
  15. Continue doing this for the remaining 14 rounds. You should be able to get a minimum of 25 headshot pistol based kills per round.
What does this accomplish?
The numbers below are a minimum, which means it is possible for you to achieve more than that depending on how fast you are and how good you are at getting headshots with the least amount of bullets. The respawn / respawn protection timer varies which also effects the ending numbers. Active Reloads should be higher than 375 if you were able to use up your remaining ammo in the last minute of each round.

25 Headshots X 15 Rounds = 375 Headshots per Match
25 Pistol Kills X 15 Rounds = 375 Pistols per Match
25 Active Reloads X 15 Rounds = 375 Active Reloads per Match +
25 Spotters X 15 Rounds = 375 Spotters per Match
25 Captor X 15 Rounds = 375 Captors per Match
25 Special Teams X 15 Rounds = 375 Special Teams per Match
2 Finishers X 15 Rounds = 30 Finishers per Match
2 Sappers X 15 Rounds = 30 Sappers per Match

Plus you should also get for going the 15 Rounds:
1 Match Winner

Unfortunately, since a non-filled match doesn’t give out ribbons this misses out on getting at least 6 Covered per match.

Hopefully this helps a few people maximize their boosting.

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