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I like them. It's more diverse. I loved Oblivion, but I wasn't too happy about the achievements overall. It was still nice when I got them, but nothing great.

But, these look like the perfect balance of achievements. It doesn't look like anything needs expert skill, but it's not all questline achievements.

I love it when achievements aren't about "being this good" or "Complete the game for 100%". I think they should be a way to get everyone to try everything there is to offer, and that's what this seems to do. I don't think I'd really want to go through dungeons and ruins, so I don't want achievements that want you to go through tons and tons of dungeons, but I want it to be enough to draw me out and try a little dungeon-diving.

And, I'm very interested in the marriage one. The other day, I was actually thinking, "I wish you could have families here".
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