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sorry guys i've been not feeling well. i'll help you guys out

moves are simple & i have no proablems with this game at all.

to pin, just keep leaning as hulk is. so he leans left so do you.

then he'll lean the other way. so do you. he appears bottom right courner with pin moves extra.

keep doing this till you wear him down. he's trying to kick out.

now keep leaning till you get the 3 count.

as for throws & holds. when you pick him up do what hogan shows.

ie if hogan shows to throw him backwards, do this. it does a special slam, extra. if it shows to 1 side, do that side. forward & front knee.

1st career mode is tutorial. next mode is harder & no tutorials!

this is just to teach you how to do different moves, slams, ladders, groggy in courner, on top of rope, extra.

once you do this the next difficulty is freeroam. plus a special opponent for the belt.

1st career mode also unlocks extras. ie clothes, arenas & so forth.

hang in there guys, it gets much better! if you need help PM me

hope this helps. maybe i should do a roadmap on how to play. let me know & i will.

i've got 100% on this game goodluck!
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