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Originally Posted by darthmushu View Post
Helped me a lot but can't get past stupid tonfun. I wish he had a trick to him.
Wouldn't say there was a trick but there is a decent zone-type strategy(similar to Denno's) that will help you win 75% of the time when you face him for the first time when going for Invincible. Despite his name Tonfun is not what I would call a Ton of Fun to face. Terrible pun joke aside, here's my strategy.

TonFun(Stage 10)
What I like to do is at the start of the fight against Tonfun I back up to the left a little and hit Down+Punch a few times. Tonfu will make his way to you. You want to make sure you're backed up just far enough to where when he nears, you jump over him to the right side of the screen. He will scurry backwards to the right and then to the left as you land. As he does this you will hit Down/Away+Kick(only move you need against him) and you should get a hit off of him as he retreats. Now immediately jump to the left of the screen and the right once again and repeat you offense. Tonfun will keep scurrying back and forth and fall for it over and over. You only attack as you land on the right side of the screen because he may introduce a tonfun to your face if you don't. Do not bother attacking when you land on the left side.

This strategy takes a few attempts to get just right but you will see what I mean after a while, it's all about proper zoning. I was able to get 2 Perfects on Tonfun using this method while going for Invincible multiple times only to have Blues ruin my streak. Once you get the right zoning in mind it works like a charm! Don't get discouraged, it takes a few tries to get it right. This video below that was mentioned by Dennoman helps a bit too but I feel the player gets severely lucky on the harder fights.

Blues(Stage 11)
If Blues is giving you trouble use the Splits Punch to his mid-section(Down/Away+Punch) and jumping method that the player does when facing him in the video above at 6:13. That strategy is actually harder than it looks because you have to time it just right and sometimes Blues will scurry backwards when you try to jump over him which complicates the fight. Once you have Blues down to 3 blocks of health he gets a little more dangerous and will start doing jump attacks. Watch your spacing and carefully hit another Splits Punch on Blues, remember it has pretty good reach so try hitting it when he's a good 2 paces away from you. Once he is down to 2 blocks of health things get seriously heated becasue Blues becomes a frenzied attacking machine at this point. If he corners you it's pretty much over because he will pummel you until your dead and the game becomes a button masher for your life! My personal strategy is to jump over Blues and back all the way to the side of the screen and do a flying kick(Back/Away+Kick) as he corners you. This almost ALWAYS hits and leaves him with one chunk of health left. Now rapidly hit the splits punch as fast as you can and hope you get him for the win. The fewer hits Blues pulls off on you(the more blocks of health you have)throughout the fight, the better chance you have of sneaking a hit in during the midst of his pummeling on you. Keep your fingers crossed here, and hope for the best!

Invincible is a very annoying achievement but I will say this, as you hone your skills you get better and more confident when going into the final two fights but don't give up! I found this achievement to be near impossible at early attempts but now I stand before you with 200G and anybody can do it if they simply keep at it!

Originally Posted by Dennoman View Post
It's basically like this: you win when the game wants you to, otherwise: you lose
Heh, too funny Denno.

I sort of agree with this, but after playing it for hours and hours you get a real good feel for it and the game can't try to MAKE you lose when it wants to anymore at that point!
Good Luck to anyone attempting Invincible and if you need help with any of the other 9 fighters, PM me!

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