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Gamertag: PANIC ATTACK 10

some other moves. during the throw him over rope stunt.

jump,duck & lean to avoid his attacks.

when he runs at you. clothesline,kick<not explained in tutorial>,punch,trip.

to kick do this instead of a punch.

now throw him over ropes stunt. walk him to other side then throw him out of ring.

he'll struggle so duck his headbutts with ONLY your head! or you'll drop him!

avoid his kicks by moving to the side he wants to kick you on. ie left or right. depends which kicking leg he uses.

as for the recouvery stunt. avoid his attacks via dodging & ducking his attacks. if he goes for headbutt, duck. if he goes for clothesline, lean to opposite side.

when you recouver you now can duck or block his punches. do this till full health is restored.

off the turn buckle. line up with him. when he stops moving & not blocking. you can do any turnbuckle attack. ie leg drop, full body splash extra.

the 1st career is all tutorial. 2nd is real thing. with a special wrestler for belt. at end of 1st career it says to be continued. thats the next difficulty.

if you need any more help hit me up. i'll post it here to help everyone. goodluck & have fun!

dont forget to add your voices when you create your wrestler.

you'll need to answer those 4 questions. also you can pick thos pyscadelic colours like neon blue,green,red, extra.
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