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you're not stupid bud. its just we all have to think like real life now

i found it easier to do pin by staying in the lean & not rockin back & forth as hogan does.

i dont switch until hogan switches sides. than i lean to that side.

also for the choke slam. remember to grab him by the throat & lift him up.

now i just remembered a few more things to add.

chairs & ladders. when doing ladder. remember to block high by lifting ladder up. low by holding ladder down from neutral position. to strike, push forward or swing left or right.

i usually just swing like crazy! now chairs, remember to block his shots. when he goes left or right. taise that arm to block. when he goes middle use both arms. then punch imediately while he's shaking. remember this ISNT a flashcard game! its real life. so if he goes to punch. you block or lean out of the way!

i think on hardcore career you even get tag team marches, if i remember correctly.

i'll post more as i remember the moves. keep in mind no flascards for hardcore.

the flashcards are there to tell you comon sense. like block,jump,punch,duck,extra. so if you watch opponent closely, you wont need flashcards. which is hardcore career. ya & remember this is like real life. you are trying to pin so really lean into it!

i found the more you put into your moves. the better they are. ie a much harder punch,block,extra.

will post more as i remember. if you're lost. PM me, i'll check back in a few days to see how you guys are doing.

lets call this the kinect controls. i'll do my best to help you out.

oh & beat down stunt. just go nuts! seriously, punch headbutt kick knee elbows. theres 2 types of beat downs. one standing & one with him on the ground. goodluck!
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