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This game is staying at 49/50 and 950 for me. Fuck this fight. I never "die" from him, just get hit with back to back lasers under my feet and fall. The towers your character jump off of on TWO separate occasions and survives from were just as tall if not taller.

The fact the tower isn't setup like the letters for the casino fight with Remy where you have something to land on is a little bit ridiculous. (I mean he can't stand on concrete, really?)

Very poorly planned/laid out/executed final fight.

EDIT: Went back through the game and picked up the mutagens for shredder and blood rage I was missing, used both of these and Art of War. Was gonna give it max of 5 more tries and got it first time out using a mixture of lunging when he was close enough followed with Y and going into berserk mode then spamming quick kills.

I am calling it luck though seeing as there was a portion where as soon as he got booted off the tower he would respawn right in front or behind me and DID NOT teleport away.

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