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Originally Posted by LickableLemons7 View Post
Even though Rockstar has only released a logo and a trailer for the game, people seem overly excited for it. I don't understand. Will this game be worth it, in your eyes? I mean, we can't really judge it, as we hardly have any info on this subject yet.
It's like when a new Elder Scrolls game is announced; suddenly we all remember how much fun the previous games were and it's the idea that a bigger, better game is in developement that gets us excited. Hope that makes sense.
Originally Posted by LickableLemons7 View Post
But what I want to know is, what are some of your opinions about the GTA series in general? Is GTA 4 worth playing before GTA 5 is released? I mean, I have a lot of time, don't I?
Well, Vice City and San Andreas are two of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. The best part of the games is going on crime sprees throughout the city. I still have fond memories of entering a weapons cheat, climbing to the roof of a building and unleashing hell on any NPC's who were unlucky enough to pass by (I was what 10, 11 years old at the time). Plus I always liked the fact that no matter how out of hand your rampages got, the only consequence was that you got fined at the nearest police station.
The storylines of both games were also very well written so that you would happily accept any development, even when you were stealing a jet pack from an Area 51 style military base. I can't comment on GTA IV as I have never got around to playing it but I'm sure everyone else will be able to give you their opinions.
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