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Loved it, and easily now my most anticipated game, ever. This will be a game I will pretty much always play, as there will probably always be something to do. It's like GTA and The Sims had a baby with all the activities it seems you can do here.

The free roam on this one just seems to be the best one yet, I'm hoping it's the whole map of SA, and more! The size of the SA map was pretty spectacular at it's time, this one is shaping up to be just as spectacular. Blimps, thousands of side activites, and in modern time (wich I love) and what seems to be current times with houses for sale, homeless people, etc etc. I hope they're really on the street like that, and don't just pop up in missions or cut scenes, I also hope they finally add some real traffic into this game. Since LA is one of the many places known for it's gridlock. Whatever happens, I can calmly wait, this trailer will hold me for awhile, as well as Skyrim and a whole lot of other games coming out.

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