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Secret Achievements:

That's One Big Dragon!! - 15
Summon Shenron for the first time.

This is obtained in the Story Mode. You'll be able to gather one Dragon Ball every time you complete a story battle, so make sure to pick it up. They are marked on the Dragon Radar as little green dots. Some Dragon Balls will be located at the World Martial Arts Tournament, so you'll have to win the tournament in order to get the Dragon Ball.

That One's Even Bigger!! - 20
Summon Porunga for the first time.

This works similarly to the previous achievement. During the Frieza saga part of the Story Mode, make sure that you collect every Dragon Ball that appears (keep an eye on your Dragon Radar, and always fly around a bit to check if you can't see one at first). Once you have all seven during the Frieza saga, summon the dragon and Porunga will appear instead of Shenron. He'll grant you three wishes instead of the usual one.

Thank You Very Much!! - 40
Watch the Credits.

Once you beat Kid Buu in the Story Mode, the credits will roll and the achievement will unlock.

Dragon Ball Doctorate - 20
View all character profiles in the Character Encyclopedia.

As the achievement description says, you need to view EVERY character's profile in the Encyclopedia. To do this, you'll need to have already cleared Story Mode. Once you've done that, select Goku's character profile and press to slowly scroll through every character until you do a full circle and see Goku's profile again. Leave the character profile screen, and the achievement will unlock.

Once you've got all of the above:

Congrats, the 1000 GS is yours!

Handy Tips Section:

Glitch for getting Hero Mode AP fast:
Check out this Helpful possible glitch on Hero Mode thread.

Dragon Balls: If you're wondering how to collect the Dragon Balls after clearing the Story Mode, you can use the Time Machine to go back to an earlier point in the story and continue to collect them.

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