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Originally Posted by Callum x360a View Post
I think so. There was also a blimp in Just Cause 2, called "The Mile High Club" (like the poster in this trailer). There may be a joke on that blimp.

I've looked up the number, 555-0111, and it came up with a few results;

1) It goes to a place called St. Thomas in the U.S Virgin Islands. No idea if that is relevant.
2) It's an old, fake, cheat code for GTA 4.
3) It's part of a cheat code for Enter The Matrix.

Yeah, I don't think this number means much.
Haha well, someone had to test sooner or later and yeah i remember the blimp in Just Cause 2 it was awesome to base jump from there.

Btw nice spotting of the bigfoot on the seal! I did not notice until you pointed it out.
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