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yeah, i also think the whole ''vercetti'' part is possible, altough rockstar sayd that GTA 3/vicecity/san andreas/ characters are ''done'' i myself dont believe that very much. rockstar claimed many more things wich turned out to be false. ( if they were done, how come there is graffiti work of el burro and vice city in gta 4). i think that the old guy might be vercetti or associated with him. dont forget that ken rosenberg also played a part in gta san andreas, and when he was trying to call someone he accidently called ''tommy'' wich means that CJ could have meeted with tommy behind the screens. we also know that in SA claude speed also shows up. we might see all the old faces. we are probably also gonna see packie i think. at the end of BOGT you can see him getting on a plane. well who knows ! i just cant WAIT !
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