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And Microsoft was wondering why so many 360's were coming into their repair centers (shortly after this game came out)! <lol>

I'm going for this one right now, and the matches don't even last a minute. This should go quickly enough (I'm glad my console is stable)!!!

I'd let everyone know how long this ends up taking, but I've hosted between 100 - 200 matches (the "legit" way - as in, with other players), so I don't know how long for the whole 1000 would be.

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Okay... I got "Master of Ceremonies" this afternoon. I estimate I had a total of 20 hours of letting the game just run (not all in one run, not that it matters). I got my "Committed" achievement about 5 1/2 years ago, but that was BEFORE I knew about racking-up hosting sessions for the "MoC" achievement... so when I set the game to run continuously back then... I left it at 60 minute matches, and it wasn't co-op territory, nor was it set to fail quickly... so I basically ended-up with about 8 matches hosted when I got that Committed achievement. What a waste of 8 hours!

Anyway... with the game settings recommended here, I estimate it will take about 25 hours total hosting time. If you've been hosting MP matches for legitimate game-playing, it should go a little quicker than that (like it did for me).

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