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Originally Posted by Floodclaw View Post

Legendary hierophant - 40
To complete the Story mode with all characters (with the highest difficulty)
This achievement randomly glitches for some people. If it doesn't unlock for you don't panic because it happened to me too. What I did was re-beat the game on expert with the entire first row of characters, Charlotte-Kirian and it unlocked upon clearing the game with Kirian during his Ending. Don't get too upset, at least the extra Story Mode runs count towards Kill thousand of men.

Hopefully that works for anybody that it glitches for. If not, finish the bottom row again. You want to make sure you didn't quit out or exit to dashboard once you beat the game because it may not count. Make sure you see the Game Over screen, that pretty much sets it in stone that you officially beat the game on Expert with the character.

Originally Posted by Floodclaw View Post

Kill thousand of men - 50
To kill thousand of men (in any mode)

To unlock this achievement, you must win 1000 rounds of combat in any mode. The most time-consuming achievement here besides finishing all characters' Story Modes on Expert.

If you have a turbo controller, then follow this route: Go into versus mode with one round and a thirty-second timer. Rubberband the second controller so that Player 2 is moving towards Player 1. Remap one of the Strong Slash (/) buttons to , set to turbo and then tape the button down. Now, go do something else, but make sure the controllers don't turn off if they're wireless. This should take anywhere from 5-8 hours, depending on how many rounds you've won elsewhere.

If you don't have a turbo controller, as least you can have fun butchering your least favourite characters over and over in varied gory ways, right?
Funny, but there is a non-turbo controller method you should add to the guide for those who don't have one, it's pretty obvious though. First and foremost make sure you have the Legendary Hierophant achievement before going for this. That can put you over at least 192 kills already from Story Mode runs alone. You want to save this offline achievement for last, the more kills you have by then the less you have to grind for this achievement. So go to options, set Rounds to 1 and follow these steps:

1. Start up Versus Mode, you need 2 controllers for this

2. Have P1 pick Angelica and P2 pick Rimururu

3. Make sure you Rubberband the Left-thumbstick for the 2nd controller or lean something heavy on it so that P2 will be crouching.(This will allow you to hit her without her using Neutral Guard on your attacks)

4. When the match starts dash towards 2P and hit RT for her Strong Attack, then repeat 2 more times as she gets up and finish the fight in 4-5 seconds

5. Repeat until the achievement pops

With this method you can get 5 matches done per minute! So that's 300 matches done per hour taking less than 3 hours of grinding to unlock the achievement! How's this for butchering up your least favorite characters in varied gory ways? Happy grinding!

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