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Originally Posted by superdupergizmo View Post
i tried doing that, i tried a bunch of times, also tried nicking the turret, mines, etc. i just can't manage, i'm too shit to deal with it on the hardest difficulty. i loaded the last save i had before the chip was fixed which was in detroit I and not II like i thought. i'll just do a speed run. still a bummer although it's much easier and quicker second time round.
On my second run I got to chip just to see what it was like and yes it is pain, but to be honest he was the easiest boss to beat as he was very predictable and you don't even need your augs to make it work. Mines are the best way I've found but you will need a good few. In Detroit II there are loads so make sure you keep a good set (at least five).

Strategy I used on both runs on the hardest setting was, firstly get away from him at the start and get to the outer part of the room and start running laps around it. As long as you don't stop running he won't usually come out to you, he stays in the centre of the room and climbs over the screen in the middle of the room. If you keep running he gets 'stuck' there and ends up climbing the screen over and over again trying to get to you (as you appear on the other side of the room by the time he has recovered from landing). Now this is you chance to lay on the pain. Just chuck a mine into the middle of the room as you go past and he should just climb right onto it. Boom! Five of those should do it. Also by staying on the outer edge you shouldn't set on of your own mines off my mistake as well.

You could use guns to do the same thing if you don't have enough mines (my first run I didn't so I had to use a fully modded Assault Rifle I'd been keeping, the auto lock on is useful here), it'll just take longer. But the secret is to keep moving, don't stop and don't go toe-to-toe with him. With or without your augs that won't work. Note that your inventory items still work (energy and health items), they just won't show it on the HUD since it's messed up, but they do work.
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